The Importance of Brand

I never really truly understood the importance of brand until I started developing my products to put into the marketplace. The brand is not only the appearance of your product it’s what your product says it’s what your product is. It’s what your product’s story that is integral to the message that you try to bring to the marketplace.  All of these factors make your product special unique interesting and, of course, give people reasons to buy.  The brand is the heart of any product.

I work with several great design companies here in Portland to help bring ideas to reality.

With eight years of experience developing brands for the spirits industry, my products for Eastside Distilling have won multiple design awards.  I am ready to bring that knowledge and expertise to your business.  A brand is a full circle of development that starts with the look and feel of the product, developing identity, message, and backstory.

Of course, in the spirits industry, there is also the complicated TTB and COLA approval process to contend with, both of which I have extensive experience.