The Art of Flavor

If you’re starting a beverage company the best way to ensure long-term success is to start with a solid foundation, and that means a perfectly executed beverage formulation process.

The first major task that you will tackle if you are new to the beverage industry after you have decided on your concept is your beverage formulation and development process. Well thought out and executed beverage formulation is the cornerstone of any successful beverage business. When you strip away the fancy packaging and elaborate marketing campaigns a beverage company is selling the formula, to the consumer. I can help you create a world-class flavor using new and innovative ideas.
I have won more than a dozen awards on my flavors and blends in the spirits industry, including several triple golds. I am now a judge in several spirits competitions. Who is your target consumer and what are their flavor, taste, color and other beverage preferences? What is going to be the price point, what serving size, what type of processing will be required, where do they perform the type of manufacturing that suits your product? These are just some of the important questions to ask before starting the physical process of procuring the base materials and blending them into samples for initial testing.