Meet Lenny Gotter

Why you should Meet Lenny for a free 60-minute consultation
  • He’s big
  • He’s bold
  • He will give your product traction and grow sales
  • He can give you new ideas and new approaches to success
  • He’s created several multi-million dollar brands and award-winning flavor profiles
His approach
  • Understand your company, your products, your vision
  • Build a 360-degree vision – marketing, sales, distribution, brand awareness
  • Independent analysis of drivers for success
  • Links to success stories
What is your message?
  • The glue that is integral to your success
  • The need for consistency
  • Links to success stories
How he has helped others like you
  • Brokered sale of Big Bottom Distilling and Zircon Azul Tequila
  • Created Honey Baijiu for VINN Distillery
  • Setting up several companies to do their own crowdfunding.
  • Grew his own company from 1 employee to being a NASDAQ listed company
  • See his Curriculum Vitae